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Lear Jet Rentals and Charters: Cleared for Takeoff


When your company or career reaches a certain plateau, Lear jet rental becomes one of the deliberate steps that can be taken to maintain growth and expansion. An important step in putting the right pieces in place is the method of travel. By car, by train, or even by commuter plane, your schedule, expediency and even comfort are sacrificed. Now, Luxury Air Jets presents an amazing Lear jet rental alternative to get your business flying to new heights.

Luxury Air Jets continues to create new believers and charter jet flyers with outstanding attention to detail and a storied reputation in the industry. Our lear jets are top of the line, well-maintained machines that emphasize the importance of speed and comfort. With us you´ll find a Lear jet charter service providing an easy and convenient way for you to fly. With our executive charter jets you will save time, stay comfortable and get important work done while you speed across the sky. Call today and we can have you flying a private Lear jet to your desired destination within 4 hours.

Now all your charter flights are guaranteed to be the absolute safest way to fly. As the cornerstone principle of Luxury Air Jets, safety of our passengers is of the utmost concern. All our aircraft possess a minimum Gold Rating from the Aircraft Research Group/US, and everyone, including our pilots and staff, go through a rigorous screening process. As a member of ARGUS®, NATA® and NATA First ®, we are one of the few jet rental companies that can offer all private jet passengers the option for armed or unarmed security personnel for an additional level of security.

Take advantage of truly unique charter flight business services, such as on-board legal and secretarial services, temp workers, technical support, accounting personnel and event planners. Our lear jet passengers enjoy a wide variety personal services, such as limo service, booking and reservation services, and on-board nannies, hairdressers, and masseuses available upon request.

Our executive charter jet service offers a 5-star catering service providing custom, made-to-order meals as well as a full bar and beverage selection. We cater to any diet or religious requirements, making sure you are satisfied with your delectable meal. Ask about all the special services available during your lear jet charter flight

With Luxury Air Jets, you'll finally find that lear jet company that can provide an easy and convenient way to fly. Save time, stay comfortable, and most importantly, keep your business running, even when you're off the ground. Reserve your next charter flight today with Luxury Air Jets and get quick, convenient service and the Lear jet charter you are looking for.  Private Jet Charter

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